Track your Test Kits NOW!

Getting your samples to our lab has never been faster…nor easier!

How it Works

Now with our FedEx Smart Post Shipping Paid Program, you can EXPECT a 5-7
business day turnaround for your samples to arrive at our laboratory facility and
while in transit, you can now track your oil sample every bit of the way.
Just remember to record your tracking number from your parcel label.
See below for tracking instructions.

Step 1

Ship your oil sample you may
choose to ship Via USPS
or FedEx

Step 2

FedEx is the quickest way to send your sample to our lab. Shipment via USPS maybe delayed up to 3 days before they are picked FedEx, then delivered to our lab.

Step 3

Send your oil sample directly through FedEx for the fastest delivery to our lab!

Tracking Instruction:

This is a sample FedEx Smart Post Parcel Label.

If sending via USPS drop box or center, record track highlighted numbers only. Last 22 Digits.

If sending via FedEx authorized shipping center, Kinkos, or your regularly scheduled FedEx ground pick up service, record/track highlighted numbers only. (last 15 digits)

Do not shipping, via FedEx Express drop box, as shipments may take an additional day or two.

All shipments should be tracked via or ( Do not attempt to track via USPS)

Track your shipments now! You may also track your Metal Check test kits at

Please enter your tracking information.
*Designates a required field. Track by Tracking Number Track by Reference