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Smarter, Better
Aviation Solutions
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Smarter, Better
Aviation Solutions
Decades delivering quality products and solutions to the aviation industry.

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Aviation Laboratories is the leading provider of aviation-specific testing, and the procurement and distribution of chemical and maintenance products, for the aviation industry. We help MROs, mechanics, and owners maintain and optimize aircraft performance, ensuring safe and efficient operations in the aviation industry.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and overall experience makes us a pillar in the aviation community.

We take pride in our knowledge of engine types and their common wear anomalies related to engine wear. We maintain strong, positive relationships with engine and oil manufacturers to keep up with the latest technical information. When customers choose us, they can rely on our expertise to deliver the most accurate results, backed by decades of data and experience. We don’t test cars, trucks, or boats. We’re an aviation ONLY laboratory service company and we specialize in Aircraft engine wear.

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Lab Analysis

Aviation Laboratories is the leading provider of aviation specific oil, oil/filter, fuel, and hydraulic fluid testing. Our reliable lab analysis and detailed reporting will help you keep your aircraft healthy and in the air.


Ensure the safety of your aircraft with our line of certified de-icing and anti-icing chemicals. Our products are specially formulated for prevention and cure, so you can fly with peace of mind.


Repair, lubricate, protect and clean with a range of carefully sourced aviation brands, inspection kits and maintenance solutions. From looking good to flying right, Aviation Laboratories has you covered.

Aviation Lab Testing Services and Products

Aviation Analysis plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and safety of aircraft engines. By thoroughly examining engine types and identifying common anomalies related to engine wear, we can provide accurate results that enable our customers to make informed decisions.

We offer the following testing kits and analysis services:

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AVLAB Products

Shop AV Store for popular AVLAB Brands including AVL DICE Fuel Additive, Clear View Cleaners and Polishers and our full line of AVL lubricants and degreasers. Also, shop filters, inspection kits and more!

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